Roulette games tricks


Any betting system has its own parameters to take into account: overall probability of winning, amount to win, amount to lose.The relations between these parameters are the objective criteria of choosing a betting system.
We placed straight bets on 7 black numbers, each with stake S, and a bet on red with stake cS (c is an arbitrary coefficient).

What’s the odds of winning? Where should c be such to have positive profit in most of situations?
Answer. The probability of winning (no matter the amount) is 65.78% or 67.56%(American/European). The condition on coefficient c is 7 The problem can be generalized for straight bets.
We placed a column bet with stake cS and 8 straight bets each with stake S on numbers outside that column.
What’s the odds of losing and where should c be for the possible amount won to excceed 10S?
Answer: The probability of losing (any amount) is 47.36% or 48.64%(American/European). The condition on c is 9 The problem can be generalized for straight bets outside that column.

We placed 5 street bets each with stake S on street holding 2 red numbers each and a bet on color black with stake cS. Odds of winning? What is the maximal possible profit if c assures a positive profit in most cases?
Answer: The probability of winning is 13.15% for the American roulette. The condition on c for a positive profit in most cases is 5 Improved systems that increase the winning probability, along with their parameters and formulas that return dozens of tables can be found in Barboianu’s book “Roulette Odds and Profits: The Mathematics of Complex Bets”.

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