How to pick a winner in a tennis match

If you wanted to pick a winner in a tennis match, it may be of benefit to understand a few things before the match begins. Knowledge of the rules of tennis may be worth knowing but a brief understanding of the game and the points system should suffice.

One of the best things about trying to pick a winner in a tennis match is the fact that there are no draws and there will always be a winner. The odds are amended to reflect this fact but unlike so many sporting events, the fact that there is always going to be a guaranteed winner and no ties means many people are drawn to the idea of learning how to pick a winner in a tennis match.Remember the surface plays a part

Like most sports, carrying form and playing before a tournament begins is always likely to give a player a better chance of winning the tournament but there are many factors that can influence the outcome of a tennis match. One of the things you should be aware of is that tennis matches are played on a number of surfaces and the ball reacts very differently on each of them.

This means that certain players play better on one surface than they may on another and this should be remembered by anyone thinking about placing a bet on a match.

Trying to pick a winner in a tennis match on a clay surface may bring back a different result if they match was being played on a grass tournament. To stand the best chance of success, this clearly means having a level of prior knowledge or undertaking an amount of research to ensure you know which player thrives on which surface.

Think about all the games

When trying to pick a winner in a tennis match it is worth remembering that as well as the mens singles tournaments, there are likely to be a whole raft of other tournaments being played out at the same time. There is a ladies singles tournament to consider as well as the various doubles tournaments that players are involved in.

Mens, womens and mixed doubles give further opportunities to pick a winner in a tennis match and some tournaments even provide a juniors section as well. This provides a great deal of variety and options for a punter and if one tournament looks very hard to decide who will be the winner, it may be easier to consider one of the other tournaments instead.

The amount of time between matches and the level of recovery period a player has is also another factor that should be considered when trying to pick a winner in a tennis match. Tennis is an extremely demanding sport and some players struggle if they have to play too many games in a short time-scale.

This means a gambler should study the match schedule and determine if a player has to play a number of games in a short time scale. If a player is, they may find themselves struggling against a fresher opponent which could hand an initiative to their opponent. When trying to pick a winner in a tennis match, this sort of knowledge is invaluable.