How to bet on football

The popularity and support for football is continually growing and as the world becomes a smaller place due to the rise in communication and network facilities, the interest in football all over the world is rising. The majority of football fans are familiar with the top players in England, Italy and Spain but now have access to footage from leagues all over the world which is improving the knowledge of fans everywhere.

Another benefit from this increased level of communication is that the options for football betting fans have increased dramatically as well. This means that no matter what day of the week or what time of the day it is, there is likely to be a football match taking place and there is likely to be a betting site offering odds on that match of football.

All kind of information is available

This may mean that people are placing bets on teams whose form they are unsure of but with the internet providing all the information you could require, the ability to learn more about certain leagues ad teams should ensure a level of knowledge can be acquired before placing a bet. This makes the simplest style of bet, the outcome of a match, a far more attractive type of bet to make.

Finding an edge

The odds will indicate the likely occurrence of each outcome from the match occurring but if you believe there is an upset on the cards or you don’t think the odds for the favourite truly match their likelihood of winning, there is a good opportunity to make some money. Finding odds that you feel aren’t quite representative of the likely outcome of the match is one of the bet ways to make money on football betting but obviously, the bookmakers and betting sites are professionals so this may not happen too often.


If choosing between a home win, away win or draw does not offer enough excitement for a football betting fan but they still want to choose the outcome of games, it is possible to run some football bets together in order to create better odds. Selecting the outcome of two games is a double and the outcome of three games will be a treble. There is no limit to the amount of games that a person can predict the outcomes of but obviously, as the number of games rise, the greater the likelihood of one result causing the entire bet to fail. The rewards of being successful on this sort of football bet are far higher but this is because the risks are greater and the likelihood of getting all predictions correct more unlikely.

So many different betting options

Some people may prefer to bet on individual players and there are a number of goal scoring options available in football betting. Placing a bet on the first goal scorer is a popular choice but last goal scorer, top goal scorer, scoring a goal from a free kick or penalty or finishing the top scorer over a season or tournament are options for football betting fans too. If you think a forward is in great form and likely to score, placing a bet on them firing in a goal or two will have better odds than merely predicting their team will win so this offers a greater incentive to win money.