How to bet on football – the complete guide

probably so many different options when it comes to football betting that to explain them all would take up an unbelievable amount of bandwidth but there is no reason why a comprehensive summary of football betting options cannot be offered to football fans. With so many games occurring in a season and betting sites offering football bets for countries from all over the world, there is always a game or bet going on somewhere so there has never been a better time to build up knowledge of football betting and start to make some money or show your knowledge of the game.

Long term bets

Some football fans like to keep their bets simple and will place money on who will win a tournament, a league or perhaps even be relegated at the end of the season. This is a bet that will come up at the end of the season but is a good way of showing support or perhaps putting your money where you mouth is.

Bet on a match

A more regularly occurring type of football bet occurs when a football fan places a bet on the outcome of an individual match. A home win, away win or a draw are the three basic options when it comes to football betting and the odds are determined by the likely outcome of each of the three possible occurrences. Understanding the odds will help you to evaluate if there is the opportunity to make money on a particular bet and if it is worthwhile putting a bet on.


The opportunity to combine the single match bet with other match bets is available and these can run to accumulators where a great number of bets are being placed on the outcome of football matches. The winnings of predicting a number of football results correctly are greater but of course, the risks are far higher and if just one result fails to match your own bet, the entire bet can be lost.

Some other fun ways to bet on ackumulators

Some football fans will lower the risk of their accumulator bets by placing Patents, Trixies, Yankees or any of the other forms of bets which will take a combination of your single match predictions. For instance, rather than placing a four fold accumulator on four matches where all must come up, some football fans will bet on a Yankee, which takes the same four predictions but places bets on 6 doubles, four trebles and one four match accumulator. This is a costlier bet as there are more bets to cover but if three of the four results come up, at least the football fan will get some return for their money. These bets are a great way to minimize the risk and certainly the pain of seeing one football result blow your entire coupon.

A lot of betting options

Aside from the outcome bets that are available to football fans, there are numerous bets relevant to particular matches that are also available. These can include final scores, first goal scorer, the number of yellow cards, the number of corners and so much more. Any variable in a game of football can usually be found to place a bet on so if you have a particular feeling that the second half will feature more goals than the first half, place a bet on this happening. This style of betting on football matches has been greatly helped by internet technology as in-play betting has developed at such a great rate. This has allowed football fans to react to changes in the game and make bets on the remainder of the match.