There are so many reasons why football is the most popular game in the entire world but one of the major reasons is that it is so simple to watch and enjoy. This is a major reason why so many youngsters are able to star playing the game from an early age and there is no barrier to the sport. It is available to all genders, to all ages and people from all backgrounds which helps make football the number one sport in the world.

More and more betting options

The importance of football betting has always been linked to the game but in recent years, there have been more and more options available which has enlivened the experience for all football fans and encouraged many to become involved in the betting side of the game.

Understanding odds

If you want to be a success when it comes to football betting, you will need to understand the odds that are used. Depending on where you go to place your football bet, how the odds are presented to you may differ.

Fractional odds ( UK )

In England, the traditional format of odds has been in a fraction and these are straightforward to follow and understand. The fractional format of the odds is a great way of letting the person who is placing the bet knows how much their stake will offer them in winnings if their bet is correct. For instance, in a World Cup match, if Germany were listed as 4/1 to beat Austria, a bet of 10 euros would win 40 euros. This means that the fractional odds are multiplied the size of the stake to bring back the total winnings. When using the fractional system, the stake is also returned though so the football fan that put this bet on would walk away with 50 euros, comprising of their 10 euro stake and the 40 euros in winnings. Some people may not like this methods as the fractional system reminds them too much of school and mathematics but once you are familiar with the system it is relatively straightforward.

Decimal odds

Another style of odds comes in the shape of decimal odds, which are becoming more popular, particularly with the advent of online betting. Using the same example as above, the decimal odds for Germany to beat Austria would equate to being listed as 5.00. This means that the football fan placing his same 10 euro bet would still walk away with the 50 euros. The decimal style of odds take account of the stake when placing the bet but as can be seen, the end result was the exact same. This means that there is no financial gain to be had from using either method, and that whatever is more comfortable to the football fan placing the bet should be the one that is chosen.

Chose the type of odds you like and bet!

Once the football fan is comfortable with the odds, choosing the right bet to place is next and the options are almost limitless. From the simple match outcome to an accumulator of matches, being able to predict the outcome of matches can be lucrative. Combining these scores together in an accumulator bet will bring greater rewards and winnings but obviously the risks are higher. There are also a number of specialist bets available in football such as first goal scorer or half-time / full-time bets which adds a greater degree of variety to the ways that a football fan can place a bet.

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