There is no doubting the popularity of football with millions of fans all over the world watching and playing the beautiful game. One of the reasons that football is so popular is due to its simplicity and also because of the many ways that people can interact with the sport. From playing or supporting a team, to placing bets to win money or make games more enjoyable, football is open to all and its popularity shows no sign of abating.

As you would imagine from something so popular, there are a huge range of betting options available, which can seem overwhelming at first but they ensure that any football fan, regardless of which they support, should be able to find a bet that is right for them.

Bet with your heart or head?

The passion that can be found in football makes it very easy for the heart to rule the head at times when making bets but if you want to make money from football betting, there is a need to temper these emotions from time to time. There is no doubt that people are happiest when their football team wins but that doesn’t necessarily mean they should always bet on them.

A Barcelona fan may be accustomed to their side winning regularly but this means that the odds on them winning will be small, which means that they will not get much money back for a successful bet. Conversely, a supporter of a smaller team like Espanyol will receive much bigger odds for their team to win but they wont win as many games in a season as Barcelona so their fan who bets on them may lose a lot of money over the course of a season. Betting on football contains the same amounts of highs and lows as watching football brings.

Many betting options

That said, the growing number of options that are available with regards to football betting should ensure that everyone can get involved without draining too much time or money from them. Simple bets like half-time / full-time results are a great way to improve the odds of a match result and if you believe a team will be in command from early on, taking this team to be ahead at half-time and win at full-time will have much better odds than a straightforward result bet.

Equally, if you think that a team will win a number of goals, it is possible to place bets on the margin of victory and on the number of goals scored in a match. Understanding the players involved and the form of teams is important to football betting and if two teams have strikers on form and defences that look shaky, placing a bet on there being a number of goals in a match can be a safe bet.

Conversely, if the game is expected to be a tough match, perhaps between two teams facing relegation or a local der, there may be the opportunity for the referee to produce a number of yellow and red cards. No one particularly wants to see players sent off in football but the option to bet on the number of cards a referee will produce is another aspect of football betting that is becoming extremely popular of late. If you believe the match will be a bad tempered affair with many bookings, betting on a high number of cards is a great way to make some money and again, keep you interested in watching the game from start to end.

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